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Fernando Ardenghi

"Brooks sees another potential business model emerging from academic research: a dramatic improvement in the quality of matching."

Good News Mr. Brooks!

The Online Dating Industry needs definitely:
* a high precision online dating site for serious relationships (mature persons over 26)
* Legislation.
* Quality Norms.

Kindest Regards,

Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

Ross Williams -

"He's making the other players think about advertising money."

I don't think so - it's the other players who pay him to market on their site. PoF is simply a distribution tool for the larger online dating sites and it allows them to reach a targetted audience.

Many of our partners use PoF as part of their marketing mix.

It's a big site, lots of traffic and no doubt a handful for Markus to deal with (probably why he's now got staff).

However, as a money-making tool - I'm not convinced. He relies on advertising, which is decreasing globally. And his customer experience, by his own admission, is awful (have a Google for upset PoF ex-members who are kicked off without reason).

He's the top dating site in so many countries, with the responsibilities that belong with that - but he makes less money than any of the top 5 dating companies in the UK alone, let alone rest of the world.

Markus is a great guy, hugely intelligent and gifted and he's created a great site in PoF.

However, as a money-making site, I think it's rather over-rated.


Sam Moorcroft,

Ross, Marcus easily clears over $10M/year for himself (after costs). That kind of cash is over-rated? Name me one other individual in the dating space, big or small, who clears that kind of cash annually.

It is not about revenue - it's about profit!

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