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Ross Williams

It's interesting how being "number 1" represents niether the site which most people know about nor the site which makes the most money and is the most commercially successful.

Rather, it represents what gets the most number of visits from ISPs which belong to Hitwise (which Hitwise won't disclose).

If you asked 100 people in the street in London what dating sites they know, I can guarantee they'll mention Match, DatingDirect and MySingleFriend above PlentyOfFish.

It's not necessarily relevant and success can be measured by many means - it's just interesting that OPW pays so much attention to visits rather than brand awareness or basic commercial success, under which measure PoF would register rather low indeed.

Ross (provocation certainly intended!!) :)

David Evans

Here we go again. Agree with Ross here. Congrats to Markus, he's purchasing a lot of traffic and I am in awe of his numbers but that doesn't make POF #1. Nobody has any idea which dating site is number one, anywhere. Traffic does not necessarily mean quality, and vice versa. In terms of brand awareness, POF is pretty far down the charts compared to the other top ten sites, although even people I know personally have a profile on POF, which is a recent event.

James Houran

Congrats to Markus and PlentyofFish for their continued success.


James Houran, Ph.D.

Dating Advice Lover

I prefer Yahoo to Plentyoffish, but that's just my opinion.

Ross Williams

What, no disagreements about my comment?!? :)


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Online Dating Free

actually i think both of those sites are horrible. the best free online dating site is

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