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Sam Moorcroft,

Merry Christmass, Mark!

"...I think its because dating site users are very focused on what they are doing..."

And, why spend $5.00 to bring them to your site, only to send them off again for 35 cents?


I think dating sites have lot of potential because they have a lot of informations on their visitors ( socio-demographic like age, location, marital status; tastes; sexual behaviour, and much much more ) but maybe the single person have lower interest for advertisers as they have a lower income than a couple.

Sam Moorcroft,

The other issue is why ruin a nice aesthetic with banner ads about cell phones or nutrional supplements or finance offers or whatever? (Paid) dating sites make their money via subscriptions, not ads. Why clutter your site for a small percentage increase in revenue and turn off a ton of your members at the same time?

There are ways to capitalise on the demographic data of your members besides flashing annoying ads at them while they search for that special someone.

Look at our nice, warm Cafe-style aesthetic. Then, imagine ads all over the place. A key competitor has this. We think that's great and want to encourage them to continue doing that - the more ads, the better (for us)!


Major resistance from agencies, will take a few years of "education" and selling them on the idea for real uptake.

Gay Personals

The best way to earn extra money on a dating site is to sell text link ads rather than banner ads. Text links from dating sites carry a lot of link juice and are not intrusive to your viewers.

Andrey Malygin

Good point. Besides making money, ads also allow exchanging leaving visitors for fresh traffic. It brings extra traffic at no cost. Of course every site has its own design guidelines, ad policies, etc., but when used correctly banner ads can serve very well. Several users of our banner networks reported 10-15% increase in traffic and revenue.


I see your point Markus.
Just where to get started with Banners that really work.
I am willing to try anything to get mor people to my site

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