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Fernando Ardenghi

"The (chinese) site recently released its Daily5 service, which recommends five new dates to each user daily", the report said.

The "Daily 5" service is based on the same test used in Chemistry!

When it was that the Executive Team at Match decided to translate and change some pics to customize the pseudo-normative test used in Chemistry ????

pseudo-normative test because Dr. Helen Fisher had said "I and my colleagues have put 32 people who were madly in love into a brain scanner and we have found some of the primary brain circuits associated with this intense feeling, passionate love. And I deeply believe that if you can trigger that circuit with someone who is similar to you in some specific social ways and complementary to you in a range of other biological and cultural ways, you can not only trigger this brain circuit for romantic love but keep it percolating for years. It seems to be working"

Chemistry uses a proprietary personality test with 4 different personalities types (explorer, builder, director and negotiator) and 4 subtypes. It also includes the "birth order" item. It is based in 4 main brain circuits.

International site Chemistry is called Daily5

Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and other Latin American countries: Chemistry is called Cupido Diario
Portugal: Chemistry is called Cupido Diario
Australia, New Zealand, Philippines: Chemistry is called Daily5

Spain: Chemistry is called Afinesati

Italy: Chemistry is called Com-Bacio / free for women

United Kingdom: Chemistry is called Personality Test
Norway, Finland, Denmark: Chemistry is called MatchMe
Netherlands, Belgium: Chemistry is called Chemie
France: Chemistry is called Alchimie
Austria, Germany: Chemistry is called Amor
Ireland: Chemistry is called Daily5

China, Japan, Korea and other asiatic countries also have their versions of the test, they only changed 3 pictures to give them an asiatic-look (workplace, couple and houses).


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