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Marc Lesnick

Finally, the issue of conversions come to light in the social networking space. One of the deep dark secrets the online casino industry has known for years is that SN ads don't convert...... Forget about the CPC.....we need to hear the CPA. When that number gets published....UGHH. Add to this the fact that ad rates have dropped like a brick across the net. SN sites with business models that are solely ad-based will need to redefine themselves.

For those of you in the online dating space, this is the greatest buying opportunity of all time. You will be able to buy SN sites for pennies on the dollar, not necessarily MySpace and Facebook, but mid-to-small tier sites that have garnered customers away from you. You have the opportunity to get them all back plus more.

Marc Lesnick
Conference Organizer
January 22-23, 2009
Miami Beach Convention Center


People who use social networks are internet savvy. I think the campaigns that work are those that are focused on building a following.

I think "liker" campaigns serve a purpose. For one, people who are interested in the product that the company offers get to try one of the products for free. Most companies give away something that they already sell or provide.

This means that over the course of the offering, many more people have the opportunity to try their product, if they offer a giveaway as a part of the program.

I think these campaigns are just as effective as hiring a booth in a trade expo. People come by and are rewarded for interacting with the company representatives.

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