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Jeff Strank

Wow, they are making it harder for people with no conscience to make money from breaking up families. Our collective heart bleeds.

Brian Gray

"I find the rejection to be ridiculous given that a huge percentage of the NFL's marketing content is for products like alcohol"

Yes, that's because an advert attempting to influence what choice of wine or beer my wife and I will drink is a normal and socially acceptable practice! I don't hear many court cases involving choosing Beer A over Beer B. On the contrary, as for the incidence of adultery cases reaching court.... hmmm somewhat higher methinks!

Reality check needed here!

Saïd Amin

i suspect that they knew all along that the ad would be rejected and that this was a PR stunt from the outset. smart...

Ross Williams -

I would agree with Said - there's no way they'd expect a national broadcaster to accept that commercial. It was a tremendously low cost budget production so probably suited for viral and online.

Sam Moorcroft,

I wouldn't want to be Noel Biderman, standing before his Maker some day, explaining what he did with his life on earth: "Well, actually, I helped destroy families, Lord. And, I made a lot of money doing it."

What an awful legacy.

Mara Reifman

Hi Jeff,
I found you! Wow, it's many many moons since our last chat and it seems that lots has changed for you as well.
I am going to Rio for a visit (from Melbourne, Australia) in about 4 weeks and would love to see you (if you are still there!).
Please find me on (Learning Skills) or ask MES for my email address, I think this is too public a site for me to write my contact details.
Um beijo enorme,
Mara (I'm using my maiden name now)

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