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When i first started I had 60,000 users from india, 1000 of which were women of which 500 were escorts and 200 where not real but instead someone trying to get back at women. My phone would ring off the hook from indian police...

Saïd Amin

ha, yea, ditto here with an ad campaign we ran in india years back (minus the phone calls). getting profiles in india is easy; getting good ones (that convert and are female) is another story. is gonna be screening tons of profiles and getting little for their efforts. the word "date" doesn't resonate in india where matrimony is the name of the game. using would have made more sense.


It's true that matchmaker is certainly a great brand for India. We also launched for free in India.

However, since has much more traffic than (in India) we decided to do the press release for that site (first).

Apparently the word "date" must be resonating with someone in India as receives a ton of type in traffic and profiles from there :)

Saïd Amin

greetings meir.

almost any name could generate traffic in india; after all, it's india, home to a whopping 60 million plus online. i wonder what the ratio of male/female is for industry leaders like shaadi compared to probably a sausage fest all around. i imagine that the ability to create a profile for a friend or family member helps boost female registrations.

imho, if eventually looking to go subscription with both sites, i would hang my marketing/pr efforts on

free online dating

ha, yea, ditto here with an ad campaign we ran in india years back (minus the phone calls).

Sam Moorcroft,

We've banned India for years now (same with China). We quickly tired of the abuse..

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