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Glenn Millar

I absolutely believe that a company that mixes both online dating and offline events can be successful. The opportunity is a natural, though admittedly difficult to implement. The offline events give people a chance to meet in a casual environment and even if the "date" doesn't go well, the people still have a good time.

Offline events also extend the LTV of a customer as many people stay doing events far longer than they stay on an online dating site. They do this because they are enjoying the non-dating camaraderie of the people they meet and often make same-sex friends within these groups.

The problem with combining offline and online is that the business process in running an online site and offline events is 180 degrees apart. One is about technology. The other is about personal service and very real human interaction. A company can successfully do both. However, it takes people with different skill sets working together and a long-term vision to make it work.

I've consulted with many highly successful offline dating events companies around the country and many successful online dating companies. It's about time these two got together.


Internet dating is proving a much more successful way to find long-term romance and friendship for thousands of people than was previously thought.


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I totally agree with that. Technology is indeed everywhere. It has become the bridge of meeting new people and constantly makes the relationships tighter.

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