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Fernando Ardenghi

It is consistent with;

Last February 2005, using a couple-centered approach, Drs. Klohnen and Luo wrote in a paper "People may be attracted to those who have similar attitudes, values, and beliefs and even marry them (at least in part) on the basis of this similarity. However, once individuals are in a committed relationship, it may be primarily personality similarity that influences marital happiness. This suggests that attitude and value similarity may play a different role in relationship development than personality similarity does. For example, whereas similarity in attitudes and values appears to be important early on in the relationship and may play an important role in relationship progression, personality similarity becomes more important as the relationship reaches greater commitment.
future research designed to better understand these underlying processes is needed."

In August 2005, Dr. John A. Johnson told me, "There are probably undiscovered factors beyond similarity of any type that determine relationship quality."

Although the word similarity means different things for different persons, it depends on how you exactly mathematically defines it!
personality can be assessed using different techniques, for example, normative tests.


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