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That's great news. So are you confirming that the comscore figures are correct then?
I guess you are.
It's difficult to know whether Hitwise, ComScor or Neilsen are right because they are all showing totally different charts.

410k unique visitors per month isn't bad really.

I'd be interested in hearing whether any other dating companies get higher than this and theirs isn't showing.

Ross Williams

If they based the figures on what we believe they are, our traffic levels are almost five times that - the important thing to recognise is not the figure itself (which is five times smaller than our analytics show) but the trends, patterns and relative difference between sites they report on.

I don't think any of the main three are correct in terms of actual numbers, it's the patterns and relativeness which counts.




The pattern of the Comscore top 10 seems to have changed dramatically.

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