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Sam Moorcroft,

Yeah, and we've had millions of members, too since inception (in 1999). How many ChristianMingle members have *actually logged in* since 2001?

Better yet, how many have logged in in the past 30 days? How about the past 7? 24 hours?

5,000? 10,000? 25,000? Regardless, I'm guessing the figure would be a fraction (of a fraction) of 2 million.

A more accurate claim would be "Since its inception in 2001, ChristianMingle has had 2 million singles create accounts."

Those figures would be much more realistic than the "we've got millions of members" claim.

To be fair to my friends over at Spark, they are not the only one making grandiose statements. What does Match claim these days? 15 million? 20 million?

As for Spark's claim to be the "largest" dating site for Christians, we could be their size, too, if we bid 3x the ROI per profile. But, we are fixated on *profit* (you know, taking more in than goes out;-)

And, "thousands of new members (join) ChristianMingle every day..". Really? How many thousands (or hundreds) is "thousands"?

They also claim to be the "most successful". By what standard? 2 million? How about measured by profit? Can we see those figures released, instead of burying them in your "Other" category reporting? What do you have to hide, eh?:-)

I'm all for competition (keeps us on our toes and makes us stronger), but c'mon guys, let's have more *balanced* (and contextual) claims.


I guess rather than hiding information Spark is just doing what you said you do so well, holding your cards close.

Sam Moorcroft,

...agreed, except we make money.


So they spend more money thus cutting their margins but are getting more Christians to join their service than you while you milk your customers for every penny. Would your users rather have more members or know that you make a bunch of money?

Sam Moorcroft,

Milking? Since when is capitalism bad? Or, is this the Marxist/Leninist Dating blog?

"John" Mao(?), in capitalist societies, consumers have this thing called choice (and no secret police if they make the wrong one). If they like a product or service, they'll open up their wallets and support it. If they like a competitor, they'll go there, instead.

It's simple really. And, it works well, for the most part (the current economic crisis notwithstanding).

(We believe) our members want a well-run service that is also operated profitably, so that the owners have an incentive to continually improve it, thus attracting more members - and so on.

If they change their mind, we'll know about it. No informants needed.

If our competitors choose to spend far in excess of what they could ever hope to earn back (that's not called "cutting their margins", btw, it is called losing money), and effectively subsidize their service from other sources, all the more power to them.

That's capitalism for you.

You, too, can get into the game if you'd like and build that proverbial better mouse-trap. But be forewarned, running a business in the capitalist system is not for the faint of heart. It has a "sink or swim" attitude.

Prepared to take a dip?:) Or, just to continue criticizing? You have that right under capitalism, too.


Christian Mingle offers poor services and is an automated system at best.

Reason for my disgrunt? Refusal to refund my money after not telling me that my 3 month trial subscription will renew itself, scamming money from my paypal account without me knowing!!!

No notification, reminders nothing.

Absolutely terrible and I realised it in the first 2 weeks of using it. 2 months I have not used it and there is another 3 months that I have to pay for not using it.

If you are a Christian and you offer a business like this you should be ashamed really. Scamming does not come to mind in my house of God. I don't care if you think you have to be cut through in business, I run one too, if you like here's a business tip, try using the fruit of the spirit to run your business.

That is, if you even know what that means.

Gouki Mee.


They get(or used to get) at around 10,000 signups a month from my site so there is at least 10k active users right there.


I need money and I want to join with sexsale work


Yes I am agree, except to make mony


How do you know they don't make money anyway?

Sam Moorcroft,

Read their financials. Their net since inception over 10 years ago is, what, a $45,000,000 loss?

You can't make money bidding $1.50/click. It's as simple as that.

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