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oh man. It was almost hilarious, until they had to plug the Cisco service. Such a shame. She's a great actress, totally improvising.

Mark Brooks

Major brands are grappling with word-o-mouth and 'viral marketing.' There's a pretty good payoff for viewers of this ad. Sure, there's an advertisement underlying this message but its tastefully delivered, and they make a good point.

In England, its almost an imperative that TV advertising be funny, to be most effective. Brits switch off on all but the funniest ads. So you'll notice more crazy and funny ads in the UK.

Humorous and far out ads are essential for viral marketing. Only the most extreme gets forwarded.

Well done Cisco. This ad works. It makes a good point. You make me laugh, I hold your brand in slightly higher esteem. I like that you made me laugh AND you made a good point. I'm now ever so slightly more emotionally attached to your brand. I trust your brand just a tinny bit more now, because of this ad. So, ultimately, the money you spent creating this ad was probably well spent.

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