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Art Harrison

Very interesting. Obviously, I'm biased - as the creator of - a free tool that helps sites like Lavalife add online speed dating - but I think this is a great move for them.

If you look at what SpeedDate and WooMe have done with the simple concept of online speed dating, it's almost crazy that no other major site has shown significant movement in this arena.

I've been saying it for almost a year, but it's worth repeating:

SpeedDate and WooMe are fantastic sites and the traffic and publicity they generate are proof of that. If an existing site - with a large, established user-base - would take even a small leap into the market (oh, I don't know - with say a fantastic, easy to setup speed dating tool :p) they would potentially and very likely leap frog these "stand-alones" and become the single largest player in online speed dating.

Now that the dominoes seem to have started falling, I think that other majors - and SpeedDate/WooMe - aught to be very concerned. This could snowball very quickly and someone is going to be left behind.

I really think that the free sites like POF, OkCupid and Mingle2 are the perfect ones to shake things up. If one of those amazing sites jumped on board, not only would they make a huge splash into the online speed dating market, but they'd also have the advantage of being able too offer the tool for free. Just seems like common sense to me.

Again, as I said, I am certainly biased. But, seriously, why wouldn't they consider it if the entire R&D, legwork and network reliability of a free, easy-to-add and feature-rich service has already been done for them. They have a no-risk opportunity, but that window is certainly closing fast...

Does anyone have a different take on this? I'd love to hear other thoughts and opinions. Drop me a line here or over at


Yogo Dating

The rise of live online dating via video chat obviously offers dating sites an interesting new angle.

However, one threat you miss Art is from sites like Facebook and other 'non-dating' social networks.

Facebook chat is completely free, and the sheer number of members on Facebook dwarfs all dating sites combined. A further advantage is that it eliminates the stigma of joining a dating site - which still exists.


Relationship Dating

While dating sites that promote "Friends with Benefits", "No Strings attached (NSA)" or "extra-marital affairs" are on the extreme end of it, speed dating, hook-ups, fling finder type sites have increasingly raised the bar for those who are dating with the traditional goal of a long term relationship or marriage. is an Online Relationship Dating site for those who are looking for Long-Term Relationship ONLY and prefer to invest their time in getting to know someone who is also wanting the same.'s online dating philosophy encourages the age-old traditional social norm where dating is the means to find a soul mate and a step towards creating the nuclear family unit. It steers clear from the likes of the more liberal online dating sites these days which promote casual dating, speed dating, flings and hook-ups.

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