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Matchmaking is a lost art, it seems, and if she "has it" more power to her. I am a little worried about the fact that she has professional (sounds like men- verses actresses and models - sounds like trophy wife...)


I would like to know how anybody can charge over $1000.00/for a matchmaking service in the State of New York?

Lucy Fur

Samantha Daniels tried to recruit me as a candidate for her clients. She scans social networks and spams women with invitations for a "Girls Night Out". In a conceited and uninviting message riddled with typos, she demands a fee of 50$ to participate in her "undisclosed" venue event. She gives her paypal account and will reveal the location only when she gets her fifty bucks. She then rambles that this event does not allow the selected women to bypass her fee of 425$ to be part of her "database" for her male clients. She tries to sound upscale and exclusive but comes accross simply as desperate for money. I've been approched in the past by another matchmaker who was courteous and didn't treat potental clients as cattle. I normally wouldn't reply to phishing tactics but I wanted to signal Mrs. Daniels to remove me since I am married. Her reply was hilarious; she told me she felt sorry for my husband!


I went once to meet her during a "girl night out" event that she charges $60 per girl just to be put into database after you pass initial screening. The sense I got is that she is unlikely to set anyone up from these parties because she was not interested in getting to know the girls at all. There were a few pretty and interesting ones. Instead, she was pitching for girls to find her clients and in return she would set them up a date as a " special". Seems she is desperate for clients. She gave out her book, in which she admits to boasting to make her business sound more successful than it is and overcharging for that reason. She is greedy and is just interested in making money. So, save your time and money and go to other matchmakers as I have done, with a lot more success and for free.

Mary Lookien

She is the worst matchmaker I've ever seen! She made me meet with her and charged me $450 just to meet with her, where she demanded the payment upfront. She then didn't ask much about me except my bust size, told me i was attractive, and what year my dress was made in. We met in a public place and she knew the waiter, so there was absolutely no privacy at all. Talk about being so not discrete. Then no follow up afterwards. Do not use this matchmaker!

Irina Fields

The downside with online dating sites is that about 10% of sex offenders in United States use online dating sites to meet new people. A reputable matchmaking agency does background checks of all members.

Irina Fields

Another downside with dating sites is that romance fraud is the 2nd largest fraud category, according to FBI. The scammers use online dating sites to find their victims.

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