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interesting graphs :
1. dynamics
2. dynamics matches with third round of investment. e.g. drop down happens right AFTER investment happens...

anyway trend not good. why ?


This is a typical "rich to richer" story. The story of Zoosk simply shows how people who have millions and millions of start up capital can easily take over the markets. If Microsoft decided to make a dating site, I bet it would have over 40 million members in less than a year. Life is simply not fair.

I like the story of A guy living in his apartment in Vancouver decides to start his own free dating site with nothing but the few dollars in his pocket. Now that is an inspirational story.


Yeah, this wouldn't be a bad site if it wasn't a scam. I subscribed to this site, and next thing I know, they're taking out over a hundred dollars from my bank account. If you're smart, stay away from Zoosk. Funny enough, they don't have any contact numbers for customer support. The only way you can get in touch with someone from Zoosk is by sending them an e-mail. They say they charge 25 dollars a month, then why did I all of a sudden have 119 dollars withdrawn from my bank account? They're cheap skates, just looking to line their pockets.


Couldnt agree more, I disabled my account and yet the emails keep coming and coming. I email them and I get a DNS server error. It's impossible to contact them. NOT HAPPY


Go read up on the website. Credit card fraud is rampant - users pay once, and zoosk repeatedly tries to steal money from the cards without permission. Fraudulent "profiles" are also a problem - photos are stolen from other sites to create phony accounts to attract new users, many time the same wording is used repeatedly on these fake "users".

Nearly all these "dating sites" engage in unethical and illegal tactics. You'd have less chance of being ripped off with the classifieds or a single's bar.


when my fiance subscribed for 1 month and then cancelled after 2 weeks they charged his credit card again for another month.?????


I am so angry.. I paid for a Zoosk subscription and keep getting a message to subscribe - I ALREADY HAVE DAMMIT!! Funny I can't find any contact details for the "Zoosk team", but they sure as hell have my money sitting in their bank account!! I have sent numerous messages and have received NO replies - this does not surprise me in the least!! WHAT NOW?!?!

The worst of the worst. They fraudulently gained access to my contact list they plagued everyone I know with their deceitful marketing. They want to pretend they have a huge customer base to inflate the value so they can cash out. Another totally unethical company.

L. Griffin

I just wish they would remove people who are sexual predators like flyawaytoday. Women are being isolated and are not able to warn other women about sexual predators on the website. This should not be tolerated and I am quitting all on-line sites because they are greedy and take subscriptions from sociopaths and even if you complain they are not removed. The predators are figuring out they are protected by the policies that increase profits and they are moving to on-line sites in greater numbers.

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