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One star is even too much for this scam company. I've contacted them in December 2008 and they immediately promised me great contacts, and their consultants sounded so very confident about what they do and about their experience and knowledge in the metier. I was positively impressed and thought "why not, let's give this guys a chance. Let's see what this can bring".

Their price was $7,000 but I got an amazing discount, thus I had to pay only $2,600. What a great deal ... someone would think, right? I still had a little of mistrust, because everything sounded so great and if I were born yesterday and didn't know the way the world works, maybe I would have trusted them 100%. However, I wanted to give it a try and I paid within 1 week in full.

So, I had to fill out their "detailed" questionnaire and I really trusted them when they said "we know exactly what you are looking for and we have many women of that type". Thus I was very interested to start meeting the first ladies.

Short time after I got the first introduction and when I met her I couldn't believe my eyes, she was chubby, had bad teeth and had some real mental issues. I was shocked. This has put me on the defense and questioning this companys' skills and their professionality. They seem to have completely disregarded my preferences, because they take them just as "preferences", but nothing serious. How stupid.

They sent me another candidate who was a fun person to talk to, but after exchanging some pictures with her, I realized that she wasn't at all the type of woman I was looking for. AGAIN this company completely disregarded my preferences.

Months later I got another introduction who I talked on the phone with once or twice, and that's it. No more calls, because she "was busy" ... how weird. How dishonest. And what a very poor service from TheRightOne.

Now, after almost more than one year after I've signed the contract and some messages from me telling them that I will hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against them, I got another introduction of a person who NEVER answers her phone. How weird again.

I'm not sure if this company is run by imbecils, or maybe they just think I'm completely dumb and it's good enough to just send out some contacts, time will pass and everybody will be happy.

I think that their system would work if they would have enough people in their database, which I strongly believe they don't. At least not in my preference group. And this is a huge problem since they have promised to deliver.

They should have let it be and aknowledge that they don't have anyone who would fit the preferences I'm looking for. It's that easy. But they were hungry for money, they got it, and now they fail completely to deliver and fulfill the contract.

Lora Smith

I defiantly got the run around from the THE RIGHT ONE..2011. They miss lead people and never followed up ....I have a letter from Ted Law stating he would refund my money. if I was not happy after 10 visits.. I was wondering if the The Right One is in a law suit ... can someone out there let me know if they do.....Thank you..Lora

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