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Sam Moorcroft,

NIGERIANMATCH.COM - sign me up, Josh! Imagine if we could corral all the scammers into one site - then, using my super powers, inject them all with my special super tell-the-truth-and-stop-scamming-from-now-on-or-face-certain-death serum ;-)

Ross Williams

Does the lawsuit from IAC cost extra? Or is that included?

Josh Joffe

IAC just lost an overextended attempt with their property (go Google it).. G-d willing, the PTO will be an agency that sticks to its charter: protecting innovation (not sanctioning monopolies). I know these are jokes, but for those lacking basic trademark knowledge, the terms are sufficiently generic and commonly used. e.g. will make a claim against ( against, etc.)

Mark Brooks,,,,,, and are all alive and kicking.

Bill Erickson

Personal Loan Josh Joffe
148 Woodbridge Ave.
Sewaren NJ. 07707
Fax: 718-432-2241

This account has now been referred to me for immediate preparation of litigation against you. As a result of your refusal to liquidate this outstanding obligation, you now run the risk of incurring substantial additional costs of interest, litigation,
costs, and fees. \Usually, I do not bother to contact a debtor prior to forwarding this to local counsel, but since the debt can obviously be enforced against you, I thought giving you one final chance to pay this debt before incurring the added costs. As a result of your delinquent payment schedule many times changed by you to liquidate this claim. Your risk of incurring additional expense you will have to pay pursuant to law. This is balance alone without more additional costs, fees and expenses that necessarily accompany litigation. There is absolutely no reason why this should not be paid immediately. I will extend you the courtesy of suspending further collection efforts on this claim for 7 days in order for you to liquidate this outstanding amount.

This matter must be paid immediately if you wish to avoid the additional expenses and interest that will be added to your account once litigation is filed against you. You must fax a copy of your remittance in the amount of $1535.79. to 608-288-XXXX and mail the original to our office in order to avoid this unnecessary additional expense. This is your final opportunity to clear this matter before legal action. Should you choose to ignore this final opportunity to take care of this, litigation will be filed against you without further notice to you. Please do not fail to give this matter the urgent attention it demands. Your inaction now is simply increasing your costs. I will expect to hear from you as soon as you receive this letter.

Be Governed Accordingly,

Sam Moorcroft,


He owes you money, too (he owes me more)? Good luck collecting!

Bottom line (for me, anyway): don't do business with this guy.


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