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Mike McMantis

I recently read an UrbanDaddy email about another company that is providing a very similar service. They are called Virtual Dating Assistants. I think its a great idea but I'll be interested to see if these companies can really scale...

Fernando Ardenghi

Do you remember Match High End Matchmaking during 2006? 2007?
It was discretely buried because ..... online daters do not want friends / parents / neighbours / relatives / fans / matchmakers or other users to be involved in a private matter as building a personal relationship with future in mind.

Online Dating had evolved:
from "Browsing/Searching Options" to "Matching based on Self-Reported Data"
and now Online Dating is evolving
from "Matching based on Self-Reported Data" to "Compatibility Matching Algorithms".

Who could be interested in paying for agents posing as users for "Browsing/Searching Options" in low quality online dating sites' databases like Match?

The mutual filtering method for "Browsing/Searching Options" is in the range of 3 or 4 persons who selected each other per 1,000 persons, so in a 10,000,000 persons database (as in Match), there are as many as 30,000 to 40,000 persons to screen. 30,000 persons is the population of an average small city!!!


Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

Temi from Top UK Dating Sites

On the face of it, this service sounds excellent and perhaps some people need it. My problem with the service is that its could present people as what they are not, I mean making them look better than they are which could sabotage the prospect of a long lasting relationship arising from the date/contact made using a profile/info written by a 3rd party.

When I use online dating, part of what makes me want to meet or not meed a woman included how she write, typos etc etc all this would have been "vanished off" by professional writer which mean when I later found out that the woman in question is not as literary as her profile let me to believe I don't think I want to take the date further.

Evan Marc Katz

I'm not even sure where to begin.

Let's just say that there's a far cry from my job as a dating coach - talking to a client on the phone, having him fill out a questionnaire, crafting a unique profile using his words, and teaching him more effective ways to communicate - than it is hiring a VA to do all of it for you.

I get it. People are busy. But there's not one thing about this business that's ethical. The ends don't always justify the means.

For what it's worth, I don't see things like this as competition - which is why I've blogged about such companies before. Yes, there IS a market for dating VA's - rich, lazy, inarticulate men. However the VA's likelihood of doing a good job is so miniscule that the very business model is untenable.

Respectfully, online dating is a science. I put 10 years into it and produced a 7 hour audio series called Finding The One Online last October. And while a young, well-meaning secretary might be smart and hardworking, she only knows as much as a young, well-meaning secretary can possibly know. And it ain't enough to get an average 50-year-old guy a date with a 35-year-old, that's for sure.

Mark Brooks

From the user perspective, I can see the draw of a service like this. From a business perspective, its going be tough to scale and maintain the quality of service. And yes, its totally deceptive and unethical to misrepresent oneself.

Ultimately, dating sites should offer a membership level for matchmakers to assist users. Those matchmakers could be paid professional matchmakers who have been trained and certified by the particular dating site. The site would make money from certifying them, and from an annual fee.

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