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Fernando Ardenghi

Is Shaadi the only online dating site in the World with Quality Norms (ISO9001:2000 certified for Design, Development, Uploading and Maintenance)?

I can not understand why no one of the big online dating sites (Match&Chemistry, YahooPersonals!, eHarmony, PerfectMatch and True) can comply with any Quality Norms like ISO9001:2008!!!


Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

free dating service

Awesome article thanks for all the great info!

Janice D. Bennett, Ph.D.

I have had several Indian coaching clients with frustrating experiences on But I don't think it had anything to do with the website and its interface per se, as much as with not having the freedom to fully articulate and present oneself in a profile. I'm in New York City and I think that it would be wise to have a center here (or at least in the tri-state area) so that these singles get help with their profiles from an insider's perspective.

Another phenomenon I noticed on the site it how members can delegate their search to someone else, like a parent or sibling, and that this is asked on a profile. I think this is a smart move so that everyone knows who they are communicating with. Nonetheless, flattering photos and accurate self-descriptions are essential, regardless of who is "surfing" and using the site.

Overall, I'm impressed with how utilizing technology to meet the matrimonial needs of a community.


I got married thru about 10 years ago but now is more of a site for old generation, you will find more next generation people going to
I believe the reason is their intutive UI and location based features.

wholesale trade is the best site i have seen compare to some other big dating site...


Definitely the best matrimonial web site.

Unhappy Shaadi User is a well-intentioned website that has become a joke. I've been on the site on and off, sometimes as a paying client and sometimes as a free user, for about five years. While there was always a significant percentage of scammers on there, the number has grown outrageous in the last 2-3 years. Easily 85% of the men who contact me/are matched with me are scammers. As a public service, I have literally reported several hundred fake profiles, with evidence from other sites/breakdowns of discrepancies in their profiles, etc. to customer service over the years. They do nothing to prevent scammers from reposting the same profiles/using the same fake photos and simply respond that it's impossible to do so. I agree it's impossible to screen out every fake profile, but when over 85% of the profiles are fake, and they admit (I'm holding it in writing from them multiple times.) that they "rely on clients such as yourself to report these profiles" and take no other actions, it says that protecting customers is not something they are willing to do. I've even offered, in years past, to train them and have given them breakdowns of the most common approaches scammers are taking. They never accept and continue to let the scammers substantially outnumber the real people on the site. Don't waste your time or money here. If you really want to meet a good match, look somewhere where the owners possess a legitimate interest in screening out people with false pretenses.


i dont like the part where phone number is compulsary...i made a profile and when i found that i need to put my mobile and verify it to proceed...i quit and never returned...

I am a lady of high standards and i just started searching a partner. I dont want all the pple in the world to keep calling me just because they are intrested!!

BharthMatrimonial and m4marry dont make the telephone option compulsary, we can verify it whenever we are ready to do so...thats really the sensible way!


I registered in shaadi Center, Pune , Maharashtra for my sister. I got lots of commitments at the time of registration. But none of them was fulfilled. Even when i said "i want to talk to Superiors" they simply denied sharing their Superior’s contact details.
It’s total cheating when you promise to provide service and after paying you simply won’t even turned back and refuses to return money too. Why are you people asking money for I guess “No Service”. Giving us mental torture? I lost my money once but you lost customer’s trust forever.
I found this is new trick of plundering the people.
Sharing contact number at least now anyone responsible person from your team could contact me.



Anupam ,

This is should be real shame for you. You should make your slogan "Cheat people and earn money.."

I complaint about services at ur call center, pune branch, higher officer and also post my complaint ur blog. but use...

Shame is also little for. was expecting after showing my concern to atleast u would be step in. but must be busy counting money which ur employees have plunder by making false commitments.

erum is a worst site i have ever seen people r theif there dacoit i sent money for a paid membership after being a free member my membership is till augustbut they in june they deactivate my profile first they did drama lied we need proof proof is not clear cheater ppl same on them i asked them why whats the reason as i m pakistani girl and still trusted them sent my ammount they said wecant refund 30june2014


I would like to ask you one major question.

Do you obtain marriage certificates from the couples who marry through, before putting them on success stories?

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