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This match making service is a HUGE RIPOFF charged me $4,000 that's right 4 thousand dollars for 4 dates and offered no support services at all.

I was told by the heavyset blond that met with me to discuss the services she offered that I should quote "get ALL my outfits ready" and that she would be working WITH me to find and discuss matches. The website boasts that they provide 'dating coaching' which is the only reason I would pay such a fee but they offer nothing of the sort. I went on under 1 date a month and had no real contact with the staff after they took my 4,000 dollars. I asked several times for my feedback from the dates I went on which they also advertise and no feedback was ever supplied.

When I emailed to check if my account had been frozen while I was away I was told I must email them them next time instead of calling the office to freeze my account. If I hadn't paid so much I would not have been so dissapointed but now I'm still pay off debt for services I never received.

I have never been so unhappy with prie vs. service provided for anything.


PS the above review is about PREMIER MATCH the New York office. The company logo appears next to the article.

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