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John Ardman

In my own honest opinion I have found that the dating sites that do prosper in this competitive industry tend to be the sites that are simple, uncluttered, fun and practical. Sites that offer bizarre matching techniques may attract a fair amount of media attention in the early stages however I don’t think they will generate enough revenue to be considered a serious business model. Sites need to offer a basic version of what people expect in the offline dating world but offer it more efficiently. Members are interested in viewing images, videos, reading about the member, interacting with members and “sticky” content such as super matching systems that allow members to look in depth at other user’s personalities etc. These are all things that people like to do in the offline dating world, take pictures, videos, interact and ask lots of questions as getting to know someone is half the fun. I haven’t heard of any dating advice columns recommend asking in depth questions on your potential partner’s immune systems as they may generate healthier offspring if they are opposite. I feel this may un-nerve or overwhelm your date :)

Mark Brooks

Dating sites do one thing better than anything else. They help people get the tough questions out of the way right up front. Do you want kids? Do you have kids? Do you smoke? Wanna get married? Got dodgey genes?


Mark Brooks

btw, I tried 23andme.com's $1k test. They told me I had a lower chance of getting heart disease than average. This was a very pleasant surprise. My father had a quadruple heart bypass at 60. ...Probably more from lifestyle than genes. He didn't do anything in the way of exercise, and smoked from age 14. 23andme.com did enlighten me that I stood a higher than average chance of getting diabetes and/or prostate cancer. Now I pop Saw Palmetto tablets every day, am losing weight, and cutting back on sugar. So the site and test results certainly influenced me, for the better, I think.

So how about DNA tests in the idating environment? Once again, dating sites help users get the tough questions out of the way right up front. DNA testing is the perfect example. You would never ask someone to do a DNA test. What a turnoff. But if you happened to believe in DNA tests and were interested to meet someone who could be compatible at the genetic level, why not? Its one more matching factor to consider. Kind of an important one really.

I think DNA testing will be around for a long while, and will improve significantly. You can expect more news on, and more scientific backing of such tests in the future. Its VERY early days for these tests. But then I think internet dating is still in its infancy, technology wise.

John Ardman

Do not get me wrong, I do see this as possibly a good up sell service from regular dating websites but a dedicated site where such a service is its only real USP in my opinion is going to struggle. I will keep an eye on this one as I am eager to see how it progresses.

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