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Ross Williams

Okay - I'll call it:

91 minutes per visit!??!

Has Markus got ANYTHING that backs up this? Any third-party evidence of this?

This is absolutely phenomenal as an average for any site - how does this compare to Facebook or MySpace for example?

Huge respect to the Sith Lord as always, but I do think this needs to be called for evidence.



Those aren't my numbers.

I'm guessing its supposed to be visits per unique per month. Definately don't have 91 minutes per visit, that would be impossible for any site.

Courtney Comstock

Neilsen gave it to me.

Jason Brady

Neilsen stats are lame in the online space. And like all surveys and data in general if you put crap in you get crap out! Outdated 1st generation view on the genre. Where's zoosk in this table?

R. Fletcher

A little late to the conversation as I just found this place.
As it happens I was a former P.O.F. member 5+ years ago and actually live with a lady who was also a member there.
Yeah, I've spent a few hours at a time on there spitting out messages and wiping the drool from my chin.
If the database is huge, it can take some time to peruse it for a guy.
I looked in the 30-40 age group.
A nice looking lady can also spend that same amount of time just weeding through her messages trying to separate the desirables from the undesirables.
P.O.F. is also one of the sites that made me want to own my own dating site one day.
Well, I just bought the contents and scripts for one about 15 minutes before posting this and will stumble through setting it up sometime next month, provided I can come up with a name that doesn't require half the alphabet.

Mark Brooks

Please keep us posted on your progress.

Ross Williams

Doesn't do much for Nielsen eh? I like Compete but there's really no solid traffic measurement out there - when will companies start focussing on comparisons of revenues and profits?

David Evans

Forget revenue and profits as ranking. Daters don't care about that.

More relevant: efficiency and number of singles in a given area and number of emails responded to.

Anyone can get some money and fill a site with profiles and have a 30-second time on site metric, just ask SinglesNet. BTW, where are they on the list, last time I checked they were #1.

eHarmony at #1 up 48%, Nielsen is creative with their stats.

Again, no mention of Craigslist.

IIRC- around 26 million is pretty flat for dating, been in that neighborhood for a few years now.

Mark Brooks

Forbes is a business oriented magazine. So naturally, they will report on business oriented metrics.

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