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Yeah, awesome. Women in their 30s are now "cougars". Pathetic.

Mark Brooks

Panthers are older.

David Evans

This is sure to be a short-lived trend. Cougars sites have been around for years. Have you seen the tv shows? Most are unwatchable.


I thought the commercial was funny. The show is alright, I guess.

Women who date younger men in my area are referred to as:
Pumas 30-40 years old, Cougars 40-50 years old and Jaguars 50+ years old.

As for me? I'm a Puma and proud...hear me purrrrrrrrrr! HA! ;-)

Mark Brooks

The Cougar dating trend fills a nice slot in the demographics of idating. There's a lot of twenty something year old guys chasing relatively few, in-high-demand, twenty something women. And guys 50+ are in short supply. So to have women in their 40's and 50's and 60's chasing younger guys helps reset the balance.

say, Dave,

John C

C'mon, how many younger men really want to "date" a cougar? Let's call it for what it is - just a way for younger men to act out the kinky fantasy of dominating their older female bosses (i.e. she may be the boss at work, but I'm the boss at home...). How many younger men are really looking for a long-term relationship with an older female. Most of these women are just going to be used for sex, and maybe that's ok with some, but I'm guessing a lot actually want more than that...


C'mon JOHN... stop thinking below the waistline.


On the flip side...

how many younger >>>GIRLS<<< you see strolling with grown men 15-40 yrs their senior? Let's call it for what it is - single, OLD, wrinkled men to act out the kinky fantasy with mail order girls. In order for them to have anything remotely long-term with an much younger female, he's aware he just became her sugar daddy because she knows.. their courtship if for sex. I'm guessing a lot actually will stoop for a sugar daddy's and will come from overseas to the U.S.A. to find it.


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