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David Evans

This topic has been discussed ad nauseam on my blog. You fail to address the presence of other potentially significant drivers of traffic growth such as increased ad spend with POF and the fact that Match rolled out a feature that increased site stickiness and had nothing to do with the recession. Not to get political but this is like the argument that troop surge was responsible for greater progress in Iraq, when that was most likely not the case.

Sam Summers

David, couple of things. The post just seems like a statement of fact... I don't read it as a causal relationship. I think maybe you pulled the trigger too early on your response.

Secnd point, the relative strength of the online dating space versus the rest of the market does point toward "something" different in the dynamics of the industry that is helping it stay afloat despite the downturn. You cite specific cases, but the relative strength extends to more than Match.com and POF.

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