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David Evans

I'm confused. Can you clarify this situation? Did WDP sell to Caerus Ag, or license their system? Is she Robert Father's relative? Does the world need yet another white label provider?

Jeff Suziki

WDP has not been sold, Caerus Ag is just the new kid on the block. From what I can see, Caerus Ag are not trying to re invent the wheel, just trying to make it a smoother ride. Coffee shops are very competitive but there was always someone else who said I can provide a better service, better coffee and a different atmosphere. Best of luck to the new kid.

Mark Harrison

Hi David, We are nothing to do with WDP other than we have employed one of their former employees to be our CEO. This isn't unusal. We've developed the system from scratch and haven't bought or licenced any legacy systems.

On your other comment, I'm sure when EasyJet and Ryanair started up there were a lot of people who asked does the world need another airline, they have however not only sustatained themselves they have transformed their industry. We have developed a platform that we feel is a major step forward in the way we approach the industry and that we add a lot of value.
Competiton is always healthy for any industry and helps to keep it moving forward. If there is no competition there is no need for inovation and the industry will die. Please register on the system and take a look around. I think you'll see it's very different.

David Evans

Mark, thanks for the clarification. The obvious question is how does your platform compensate for the shortcomings of WLD and WDP? More customizable, better member communication features, more openness when it comes to sharing profiles? Without serious improvements along these lines you're more like Delta Song (defunct even though is was going to be a game-changer).

Mark Harrison

We've built the sytem with all the things you mentioned, however we feel the biggest differtiators are the 3 main features we've integrated.

Firstly, our reporting is much more detailed than anything out there, as successful webmasters ourselves, reporting was always our biggest issue with the current platforms. We track traffic all the way from keyword to conversion, allowing us to fine tune our campaigns very effectively and without the guess work. This is a huge step forward for web marketers.

Secondly is niches, we have created the ability to operate in very narrow niches, this greatly improves conversion and retention of members and again is something that many platforms have promised but never really delivered on.

Thirdly our platform is truly international and we have launched with 5 languages being available. Just as an example in Western
Europe there are 250 million people, 120 million of them speak German as a mother tounge and only 60 million speak English as a first language. The dating industry has up to now been very anglo centric, making those countries very expensive to market to. We open up the market to the other 210 million that seemed to have been largely overlooked by current players. Some have had small attepts at it but none have excuted it well. We are Europeans and we have done this to a level that so far hasn't been available.

Furthermore our abililty to allow partners to customise the internal HTML and CSS to optimise and customise their sites is unique in the industry.

Please register at http://www.datingfactory.com and have a look around or register at one of our sites http://www.aminfi.com to have a look around, we'd be very interested in your feedback.

Jeff Suziki

Just wondering what you mean by sharing profiles? I see this new company is offering a lot more as far as languages and customization. There are many niches that are not being supported with other companies so this is refreshing to see.

David Evans

Most people who start a white label dating site want to be able to take the profiles in their site with them if they choose to leave the white label platform. This often happens because white label providers don't provide enough features, communication options and other functionality a dating site operator might consider.

Mark Harrison

Well on this one, we are open to discussion, but I don't think you'll find a White Label Provider who will let you take your database with you. Everything is negoitable and technically possible. We are looking into providing a Service Level Agreement with the platform with certain remedies being available to the partners if we don't perform.

It's an idea that this could be an option for partners if we fail to perform. We are also looking into proactively informing partners of planed works and various other service affecting events that they can turn off campaigns if we have an issue.

Happy to discuss all this stuff with you, we are already developing this with the imput of some of the industries largest web marketers we are trying to make this as good as it can be for a webmarketer.

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