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David Evans

True took members for millions of dollars of unauthorized revenue and now they get to pay a relatively small price for their actions along with a gentle slap on the wrist. They will offer free subscriptions to a large number of members as well, which costs them almost nothing.

Shameful actions which hurt the industry, which nobody really cares about. Pay the fine, do the time, and then back to business as usual.

Cheap sex-oriented social networking ads got them where they are today, otherwise they would be gone by now. Surprised the company is still in business.

Nancy Kidd

I can't get to cancel my subscription. They have been taking 49.95 from my debit card since August 2009 when I called to canel. I am 63 and living on a small pension and my account has been overdrawn several times because I assumed they would stop charging my account.

They continue to match me with unsuitable men (too young or too far away)and I want it all to stop. I actually met a nice man on Yahoo personals in July 2009 so I don't need the service any more. eharmony and singlesnet cancelled my account with no problem, but they were free, as is yahoo personals.
I have even changed my profile to say I don't need it anymore, and it comes up that way, so so much for them checking content.

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