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Are these guys still going or not!? We've had conflicting reports from OPW which I'm pretty sure has done Userplane no good at all.

We've used Userplane for our IM and have looked at other providers because of apparent instability at Userplane.

It would be great to know from userplane how many full time staff they have in the company, what they do and a video interview of the head guy.

I'm pretty sure we would be more of their largest customers if we used their product fully, with around 10,000 people online.

But it's difficult to commit to them yet.

Mark Brooks

Here's the new pricing on Userplane...

Price Per Month / Simul. Connections

FREE (Ad-Supported) 9
$130 10
$275 25
$475 50
$850 100
$1,625 250
$2,750 500

Here's a link to all the top news on Userplane in summary format on Online Personals Watch

In May I reported that AOL was going to pull the plug on Userplane. I had two trusted sources confirm this. Then Userplane attended iDate L.A. and officially refuted this. Then they offer up pricing of 100 concurrent users at $10k a year.

Userplane ist kaput.

I'm sure they will continue and malinger, but they have basically whittled their Userbase down to all but the most profitable clients. They're no longer trying to build their ad platform on Userplane. I'm sure they discovered that people just don't click on ads on Instant Messengers. SNS advertising tends to have poor enough CTR.

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