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David Evans

How is the FFN IPO is critical to the reputation of the industry? It's an IPO to get out from under an enormous debt. People aren't going to stop dating because an IPO was pulled or underperformed.

We've talked for years about the impending IPO, it's exciting that it's possibly around the corner (could easily be scrubbed at the last minute) but that the same time, doesn't mean mush to the rest of the industry, because so few sites are in a position to IPO.

How do you know if Amigos will ever make a lot of money? Are they real profiles, lots of active members, ramping up revenue? Without knowing the details of the company, it's just conjecture.

Gradfinder (8,000 monthly visitors) vs. Classmates (18M monthly visitors). No contest.

Mark Brooks

We don't have many IPO's in the idating industry, which is precisely why it's going to drive a fair deal of attention. If it bombs, its going to make it more difficult to raise startup money. When end users read the press, that's going to effect their impression of not only FriendFinder, but internet dating as a whole.

I worked at FriendFinder in 2003-2004.

E Swearingen

Well it bombed!!!

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