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Fernando Ardenghi

MyType (Beta Trial, an extension of the RSVP brand) says:

"MyType Personality Profile, developed in consultation with some of Australia's top practising psychologists, including academics from leading Australian Universities."
"Based on your personality report we'll start looking for people we think you will click with and start introducing you to compatible members. It's an intelligent way to date online, and we do all the legwork for you."
"At MyType, your profile is kept completely private. No-one can search for you or vice versa. You'll only ever meet the people who rank high on the compatibility scale, the people that we match with you."
"MyType is a true science of attraction experiment and as such we're constantly monitoring how things are going with participating members. We'd be grateful if you could make yourself available from time-to-time for a quick chat or quick feedback survey to help us improve the site's usefulness (and our success rate)."

MyType does not say who are the brains (name and credentials) behind its compatibility system.
Anyway it is more of the same stuff already available (like a copycat version of eHarmony with compatibility scores based on personality), using a mutual filtering method and the Big5 personality traits. ("In consultation with some of Australia's top practising psychologists, including academics from leading Australian Universities, we look at how different personalities relate well together. When we find high compatibility scores among MyType members, we bring those people together.")

Mutual filtering method: My Details & My Ideal Partner in Age, Location, Height, Body Type, Smoking Preferences, Relationship Status, Has kids?, Want kids?, Eye Colour, Hair Colour, Ethnic Background, Religion, Political persuasion, Star sign, Drinking habits, Dietary preference, Has Pets?, Education level, Career industry.

Big5 personality traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Emotional Balance
* Openness refers to our receptivity to different life experiences and the way we respond to unorthodox ideas or beliefs.
* Conscientiousness, also known as self-discipline, represents our degree of impulse control and our all-round ability to focus.
* Personality theorists these days describe extraversion in terms of sociability and our need for positive stimulation and achievement.
* Agreeableness represents our need to maintain social harmony. Our score tells us how much we try to understand other perspectives or include others in our thinking, and how much you are prepared to go out of the way for others.
* Emotional balance represents the responsiveness of our negative emotions and our ability to pick up on the warning signals that have evolved to help us avoid negative consequences.

Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
[email protected]

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