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Max Wilson

I wonder if anyone has bothered to read their terms and conditions to see if they cover themselves for this sort of thing.. And of course there is the problem with the escorts and scammers who love to create profiles as well. It's a major problem on dating sites.

David Evans

Shocking, just shocking. I've had people try to sell me DVD's of fake profiles, and now scammers are getting smart and creating fake profiles based on real social network profiles. Pretty ingenious actually.

Identify verification is key but the industry is loath to implement. God forbid dating sites had real people on them who are active members.

There will always be sites who scam their way to profitability. Fortunately there are a handful of sites with a mission statement that doesn't say "Trick people out of their money and laugh all the way to the bank."

Jeff Kaine

Sorry to say but they weren't the first to do fake profiles, and they won't be the last. For the sake of the industry, it's not good practise.

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