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Mark Brooks

Affiliates want more then commission checks. They appreciate having some brand equity. The white labelers allow them to have equity by owning the brand and domain that they are promoting. The upside for affiliates of choosing a white label option is that they can stick to their knitting, and focus on marketing. They don't have to worry about tinkering with the website, customer service, or running servers. Nice.

However, the downside is, though they have some brand equity, they don't have the ability to pull away paying members. So if they decide to grow a new brand from scratch, build to a few thousand paying subscribers and a tens of thousands of registrants, they can't then pull them away to their own site, a year later. They may be able to pull away registrants, if they negotiate this clause into their white labeling contract, but they won't be able to rip away paying members.

However, the white labelers would argue that they are so efficient, and pass on so much profit, why would affiliates even need to consider pulling away their member base.

At the end of the day, the decision to white label or go with software is pretty straightforward. If you want LOTS of flexibility in feature design, and you like tinkering, and you have a good chunk of change, you can consider building your own dating site and starting from scratch.

If you want to focus on marketing and branding, use a white labeler.

The top choices available for white label solutions are...
White Label Dating, World Dating Partners, Dating Factory, Dating Central, EasyDate.

If you're a mega-affiliate, you can also approach several existing internet dating companies and they may consider setting up a white label for you. i.e. FriendFinder, Fling.com, Date.com, eLove.com. Most of the majors now run programs like this, but only for larger affiliates. Normally they will want to sample your traffic to make sure you're the real mccoy. i.e. you have good quality traffic, and lots of it.

Email me at [email protected] or call me at 212-444-1636 if you'd like a referral to one of them.

(Full Disclsoure: White Label Dating is a former client of Courtland Brooks. Fling and eLove are current clients. I worked for FriendFinder as an affiliate manager 2003-2004)

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