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David Evans

Keeping an eye on this one, for several reasons. A bit too much personal founder hype for my tastes, perhaps that's what people will respond to. Going to take a ton of ad dollars to get anywhere.

Mark Brooks

The key problem is that most people in relationships don't realize they need help. They certainly don't want to admit it. But Happier Couples could become a great resource. Jeff is certainly passionate, and personally knowledgeable on how to keep a relationship together. I'm rooting for him.

Jeff Ullman

I feel like a talk show listener calling in and saying: "I'm a first time caller..." I say this because this is my first time making a comment about anything....in years. Quite frankly, I am delighted to break my silence....here, as I have the utmost respect for Mark Brooks and this forum. One day I'll share what I know about....what I know. It's amazing (quite frankly) that so much about the entire history and very foundation of the entire online dating and social networking industry has been untold; despite the fact that whomever you are, wouldn't be reading this (or, be in your business) had it not been for what happened in 1975 at a West Los Angeles family dinner party...(like I said: "One day..." But, not today.) Okay, back to the reason this story about HappierCouples: Here's what it really means to dating companies: YOU WILL MAKE A LOT OF EASY MONEY quickly through our affiliate program. If I need to explain the reason, then I suppose one need only ask Mark Brooks or David Evans. I invite all of you to join HappierCouples.... for FREE, of course. We have three memberships: Happy, Happier and Ecstatic. We're a freemium business model, and will release our premium memberships before Hanukkah. In fact, our website will have significantly changed by then, as well, as what you're seeing is (IMO) not so good. I've been an entrepreneur almost 53 years (I was 6 when I hit the curb in front of my house offering lemonade (with a cookie, as the value-add). I've also been an entre-MANURE (and have the deep bone cuts to prove it). This time, I've reached DEEP into my pockets to fund this business. (Do I wish I had partners? Dunno. That's another story, too.) Here's what I expect: Mark Brooks will remain the only one who will know what I'm going to do... unless, of course, I get a call or email from someone I like. Yet, here's what is genuinely important: 75% of all marriages either terminate or remain ever after without happiness. People enter marriage with 'great expectations' and truly ignorant of what they should have done prior to doing so. They compound their low Marriage IQ with less than prudent marriage skills and avoid learning even while 'on the job'. It all ends up in a personal, family and societal tragedy. You guys do a helluva job painting the picture of what 'true love' can be, but the true truth is that it's only got a 25% happy ending (and not the kind that we might joke about). Will Cindy and I succeed? Dunno. I can tell you that we're all responsible for our own personal happiness as spouses/partners, and only an entrepreneur knows what it's like to be kept awake night after night, after.....


Finally, someone with the balls to throw the first pitch into the sea of (un)happily marrieds. When I look around me, my neighborhood is filled with couples who don't touch one another, don't make time for fun & play ...unless it's with the kids. It's as though they've thrown in the towel instead of frolicking in the waves. What better role model for those same kids than to see their parents enjoying one another, successfully resolving conflicts, and having gotten their own needs met are better able to share love & kindness, grace & generous spirit to others!

Sounds like Evans is a bit naive or perhaps licking his wounds, perhaps by a relationship that turned sour died a slow and mind numbing death if he's dissing a founder who's done more to help bring love and romance into all our lives than any one else!

Frank Dethridge

I think this looks like a really interesting site. I haven’t seen anything else like this in the market. A lot of dating companies continuously throw out statistics of how many marriages they are responsible for. I don’t think it is long before we start hearing of negative press releases highlighting divorce rates from marriages sparked from dating websites. Sites like HappierCouples.com will not only offer a very valuable resource for couples having problems but potentially increase the life time value of dating members. Let’s just hope we don’t start seeing end to end solutions that offer online dating, up sold to online relationships help/advice, leading on to online divorces ;)

Glenn G. Millar

Jeff is one of most passionate people I have ever met when it comes to dating and relationships. If this succeeds, we all benefit. Best of luck!


julie ferman

Rock On, Jeffrey! As a personal matchmaker, I work closely every day with single men and women who are hoping to find a loving relationship. Most of them have loved before but...something went wrong and the love died and now they're out there looking for "it" again. Sometimes it's as easy as trading partners on the dance floor, but...sometimes not, as statistics will reveal. Second marriages fail more than first marriages, and third marriages fail more than second marriages, so...clearly, there's more to the fixing of relationships than just trading partners.

I'm delighted that so many resources and tools are available today for single people who are seeking love. For single people who are happy being single and might not want to be coupled up, we have magazines and online communities like Singular City: http://singularcity.com/magazine (I love these guys!) and now, I'm thrilled that Jeffrey and Cindy have created Happier Couples.

Relationship and marriage -- tough stuff sometimes, and too many couples in our throw-away society have given up on themselves, on each other, and on love by turning away from each other when difficulty arises -- they fall into the trap of thinking that that the source of their unhappiness is this other person, or that the relationship is sour and can't be fixed. So they give up, they tear apart their own foundation, they walk away from the mess, and then they come to me with the expectation that I can wave my magic wand and create for them - instalove! Perfect relationship, served up on a fancy platter, and voila, happily ever after.

Gil and I have been married (thanks to Jeffrey!) for 19 years and what I know for sure is that the "it" that everyone is seeking is...truly...within. Each and every time I find myself getting anxious or disappointed or stuck or less than wowed in my marriage or in my career or really in any aspect of life, once I take my worry out on the hiking trail or to the beach or into the yoga studio, I return to the same AHA -- that the source of my happiness is within, and it always has been.

We will be wise to invest in solutions that will help individuals find their way into relationship and also to help them understand that relationships need to be fed, watered, massaged, nurtured. Happier Couples seems to be about just that.

Thanks for sticking your neck out for couples and for love, Jeffrey. I'm gonna visit the site and sign up right now -- call it a 2010 gift for our marriage.

I'm rooting for Happier Couples!

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