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David Evans

This value proposition can't be beat. Reminds me of how Match had a companion "friendship" site years ago. Challenges: majority of people think matchmaking is not worth the expense, they will most likely have to spend a huge amount on marketing and they are going to have do deals with several big online players to make the most of their competitive advantage.


A word of caution, I paid thousands to meet the "right" women, educated, well employed like me, of the first 2 neither was available for a relationship ( already dating some one or wanted their old boy friend back) and neither were "well" employed. I want my money back.


My Name is Sarah
I recently signed up with elove on 07/13/2010.I was deliberatly lied to by the sales person Sue.I am very very angry that i was deliberately lied to.
All I want is my own money back because i was totally and deliberately lied to.
to bob all those scammed need to get together and end elove scams


Bob if you are not reimbursed for the money elove scammed from you. i am trying to contact others that have been scammed to file a lawsuit. I have a feeling there are hundreds if not thousands. please file a complaint with Mass District attorney. thousands of complaints will make Mass take action


I'd rather not post my name, but I'm a mid-40s bachelor that has dated for about four years and used online dating services. Dissatisfied and disgusted, I went to eLove. The concept is great. They seemingly take a lot of time and attention to "get to know you". After they get you all worked up, they drop the money bomb. $3000! WT!!!??? I "negotiated" my fee down to $2000 but was limited to 6 people.
In retrospect (driving home) I realized how I was pressured into signing. (I am ashamed of how I caved.) However, they promise happiness and they seem so sincere. And there really isn't any other way... What price true love, right?
After I gave her my CC info it was a different tune. THEN they let me know that the matches would be from anywhere in a one hour driving radius. "I want someone local," I said. (For $2000, I ought to get someone local, right?) Nope. You get what you get. They can't make special exceptions.
I got one letter explaining what my one paragragh introductory profile would say and then, three and a half weeks later, I got my first match letter. She lived an hour away. We didn't have a lot in common. Her boyfriend of several years had died about a year ago, and "she was ready" to meet someone. What kind of BS is that! Look, I just want my money back. Heck, I'd take a 50% refund at this point and gladly pay a $1000 penalty for just being stooopid. Seeing as that is very unlikey, I am going to stick it out, meet four more women and GET MY MONEY'S WORTH!
All the dating sites are BS. My opinion, I met the most compatible (intellectually) on EHarmony, I met the most ladies on Match (and the best quality), POF is free-but there are many skanks there. Zioosk is a complete joke. As far as eLove goes; there is no "e" to eLove. THey said they referred not to work by email, only by US mail. WTF???!!! that runs completely counter to what the COO says. A pox on all of them.

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