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If they would just get with their spouses and join a program like Financial Peace University, they could fix the root problem - money worries and fights about the family finances - instead of wrecking their marriages. An affair is merely a diversionary tactic, like trying to fix your money problems by consolidating your debts. Guess what, you still have to deal with the debts. FPU has given people hope. When I see articles like these, I just know these people are hurting and have lost hope and don't know what to do. They need FPU and marriage counseling. They could find a lot more joy in their lives if they would do something that is actually effective to fix their problems.

michael barron

I am not sure if unemployment is the problem here. I think it is the fact that when you are unemployed you are home more and around your spouse more since you done have the money to go out and do things. This is caused by multiple factors the main one being that people marry because of looks first and have nothing in common with their spouse. The second one is that people get married and quickly have kids. they never learn how to be friends. When you are home together learn each other. Go to the park and play with your kids together, cook together, learn common interest, and most importantly sit down and have true conversations. I agree with Lynn that cheating is a diversionary tactic in trying to avoid deeper problems.

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