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Fernando Ardenghi

"you've raised another $30 million round of funding led by venture partners"
"We also have some product development in plan that requires more capital. I don’t want to talk about the specific details but you can expect a lot from us in the coming year."

"requires more capital" + "in the coming year"

The 2011?

Are going they to develop
some kind of (a proprietary) Business Intelligence solution?
some kind of (a proprietary) Bidirectional Recommendation Engine?
some kind of (a proprietary) Compatibility Matching method?


"We consider ourselves a social network for dating."

Ah, you will never find serious daters there, because serious daters do not use social networks for dating purposes.


Fernando Ardenghi.
Buenos Aires.
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Matthew Pitt, MD, The Dating Lab

'Ah, you will never find serious daters there, because serious daters do not use social networks for dating'

Spot on Fernando... totally agree!

If you are serious about dating you will use a site populated by other people who are also serious about dating. Look at the quality of the profiles on social dating sites versus those on serious dating sites... the difference is obvious.

Oh and those who are serious about dating will pay to join a site with quality profiles from other likeminded serious daters.


"Making online dating more social." This has been my mantra for years, and the social graph is what powers this. I agree with Matthew, its casual dating for the most part. Their ad spend recently has been incredible.

Zoosk is very HotorNot in nature, at the moment, I don't see it as a social network for dating. Nice catchphrase though.

IMVU is for kids and it's PC only. I agree that avatar-based dating isn't viable, with the caveat of "in its current format."


ok ok will see for how long they can keep marketing spend at current level. Problem with CPA networks/FB/google - they are just sucking money out of you. But at the end of the day it is about retention and monetization. If you can not get money back in 4 month you are in real problem and even investors will stop believe in 150m pre-money valuations. Good luck :-)

Congrats to Zoosk - they're really taking that site places.

I would also question the real value of members on that site, they seem to be going after quantity rather than quality. I wonder who they see their true competition as? I'd see them competing more alongside POF and OKCupid than serious dating companies like

They're also a generalist site, appealing to the wide casual dating user rather than people serious about dating - monetisation will certainly suffer as a result.

However, it's good to see companies trying out new acquisition routes and taking the risk there - if it works I imagine others will soon follow!!


Free Christian Dating Sites

If Zoosk develops a long term relationship with their younger audience it will be easy to reach and sell to them other products as those members evolve into the "serious dating" category.

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