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No mention of viximo? Seems like sites are taking on the virtual gifting challenge themselves for the most part.



Just as it doesn't make sense for companies that make money on ads to build their own advertising network, most companies will find that building their own virtual goods platform to be cumbersome and risky. While these sites have done a great job at building basic virtual gift functionality, a true virtual goods model goes beyond just virtual gifts which is what we have been focusing on with our clients. As a result, virtual goods on our partner sites generate much more then 2% - 4% of total revenue. Viximo already works with one of the largest dating site networks in the industry and has several new dating partners launching this month. We're excited to see virtual goods gaining real momentum in this space.

Brian Balfour

Online dating Australia

I should say that there are lots of opportunities over the internet. Making money out of virtual dating is a good business strategy. There will be no doubt that there will be more sites offering this kind of business.

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