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Did anybody else double take when they read, a dating site for white people that want to only date white people?

"Tiger Woods, Quincy Jones , Seal, Ice-T, Reggie Bush and Cuba Godding Jr are stealing your white women. Halle Berry ,Iman, Paula Patton, and Garcelle Beauvais are stealing your white men."

Anybody gonna comment on this? Anyone? Hot potato?

Glenn G. Millar


Not only did I have the same reaction, but then I noticed that if you scroll through people on the Home Page, there are a significant percentage of Asian women.

And if that wasn't enough irony for you, the site UglyPeopleDate shows nothing but gorgeous women, (many of whom are naked.) It appears to be an affiliate site driving traffic to Fling.

I'm very confused.



They're using the white label dating script, see

As for the Asian images on WhitePeopleDate, take a look at this screenshot from the script provider and then look at the homepage:

If you do a search from PrisonerHookup you'll also notice their are no members.

Sam Moorcroft,

Ross & Glenn, I can't resist jumping in;-)

Only whites can be racist, is that how it works? is fine, isn't? Why?

Why is it racist if you only want to date people of your own race, anyway? (Let me preempt any knee-jerk reactions here: my wife is Brazilian).



I'm an minority-asian in America, so it seems to me that most online dating sites for the American market are going to have a majority of caucasians anyway by default and often times those 'white' singles just end up messaging and dating other 'white singles' and ignoring 'non-whites' anyways. So there is really no need to have a "whites only" dating site because most American-based sites have singles that self-segregate on the large sites.

The term "White" has been tied to the supremacy groups in America and the colonialists elsewhere in the world. From a marketing standpoint, to focus on "White majority" markets such as North America and Europe and use Dating site names focused on the region "America" or "Britain" or "Europe" instead of using the term "White". There are also "inter-racial" sites that encourage more mixing than the larger sites. There is also Christian and Catholic sites which usually have a large white customer base. There are ways to imply a "whites-only" dating site without actually using the term.

Sam Moorcroft,

Good points, Joe.

My response was more tongue-in-cheek than anything else:-)

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