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Be careful!

That article only proves that paid online dating sites have low effectiveness / efficiency of their proprietary predictive matching methods for LONG TERM mating. Nothing more.

That article does not prove that free sites are BETTER than paid sites.

Moreover free sites are good for fun dating (instant gratifications, flirting, short term mating)and free sites exist to leverage paid sites.

The Worldwide 2009 annual revenue for eHarmony was estimated in USD 250 millions
[and checking traffic from its 4 different sites, I estimate 20% from Canada, 50% from U.S.A., 25% from U.K. and 5% from Australia]

If you consider 10% of that revenue by ads, it is only USD 225 millions by subscriptions
At a USD 40 (Monthly Average Revenue per Subscriber: MARS)

USD 225 millions / USD 480 (Annual Average Revenue per Subscriber) == 468,750 paid Subscribers

Perhaps eHarmony has only
93,750 paid members from Canada
234,376 paid members from U.S.A.
117,187 paid members from U.K.
23,437 paid members from Australia

The 2010 annual revenue for PlentyOfFish ( the biggest free online dating site) is expected to be USD30 millions, more or less the same amount eHarmony could earn by ……… ads.


eharmony has less than 20,000 paid members in the UK

online dating ole

Sombody told me about 17,000 paid member in UK but i don't now if it tru or not.


Paying seperates the cream from the crud. Plenty of Fish, True and OK Cupid are leaders in the low rent dating business - the also rans in the grand scheme of things.

A woman is far more interested in a site with men paying, committed to the process, then to a bunch of freeloaders searching all night, cut and pasting email - trolling for sex. thats why you've got 65% men on POF and OK, and 55% women on eH.

Hard to compare the two businesses. It's like comparing a chic boutique to a whore house.


I think you can go either way when it comes to online dating. Some are free some you have to pay for. Well I look at it like this-its a numbers game. The more people you interact with, the more chances you hav to find love or get a date. If your in the USA, and you go and there is 235k people that are online and paying to be there, then depending how bad you want it. You will go to a paid site and interact wit more people. Once you get that down and understand how it work

Scott Valdez, Virtual Dating Assistants

I just posted a rather lengthy response on my company's blog. I'd love to hear what you all think: http://virtualdatingassistants.com/Blog/2010/05/12/why-you-should-always-pay-for-online-dating/

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