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The brain behind Parship is Dr. Hugo Schmale. (Who knows him ?)

Parship promotes its "Personality Test based on scientific principles." (Machen Sie unseren wissenschaftlichen Persönlichkeitstest) in some countries without any Scientific Proof.

Parship is another hoax.

Moreover Parship's management team is using dishonest tactics / dirty tricks to convert Basic users into Premium paying subscribers like sending winks / greetings / icebreakers and messages with photos from women to men, and when you want to read those messages with photos, it says "Are you curious to know? As premium member you can read all your messages at once and use our full service."

In less than a week I had received 633 prospective compatibility partners and 11 messages from women. (I have the screenshots as proves)

Fernando, is an up and coming free online dating community for european singles in canada, usa, south america and europe!

Fernando, when are you going to stop slagging off people in the online dating industry and do something that would make your comments barely credible?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has stopped visiting OPW (in fact I know I'm not, according to, traffic to OPW is down 20% in the last year whereas is up 44%) principally because pretty much every post on the site is hijacked by your comments on personality matching, yet you appear to have, with respect, no success in the industry from which to make credible comments.

If I'm the only one who feels this way I apologise - it's frustrating that one of the only sources of debate in this industry is so often hijacked.



Ross - you're not the only one that feels that way ;-)

Fabrice Parc

What is this misinformatve title? Meetic is the n°1 dating site in Europe, by far.
By the way I would not say Parship is on the rise.
As to Fernando I don't know if he's responsible for a potential decline of OPW, I find his posts funny (and although bitter not so wrong). Perhaps no one would comment if he didn't and less comments mean even less traffic.


Actually it's 46% but thanks for noticing.

All we can gather from traffic numbers are general trends. I can't comment on the survey and its difficult to understand sentiment when it comes to consumer's views of online dating sites. Look at Zoosk, they are spending millions of dollars on marketing, and of course their traffic is going through the roof. Does that mean that more people like Zoosk? Of course not. It just means they have a great affiliate program and deep pockets.

Fabrice, what makes you say that Parship is not on the rise? Curious why you say that.


Fernando is all that. He´s got post graduate courses and is the inventor of the LIFEPROJECT METHOD. Something he put a lot of work into -> Version 16.0 (!) of the Elevator pitch can be viewed here:

Its beyond me why no investors are jumping on this - 16PF5 compatibility test - the Holy Grail of Internet Dating.

Sam Moorcroft,

"LoveGuru" - you first. Let us know how it goes. You sound too much like an apologist for him, though, based on your post. What's your dating website?

I think the issue isn't Fernando's "16PF5 compatibility test"; it's him.

Ross, I agree with you and others (not that my feelings have been kept secret, lo, these many years:)


Meetic affinity grew from 5 to EUR 25M btw 2008 and 09. Not sure Parship will remain #1 in Europe for a long time.


In the article it says #1 matchmaking site... If you define your own category of course you will be number #1.

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