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In addition to the pilfering of the database, I would think this also constitutes copyright infringement in that the substance of the profiles was taken verbatim. Pure theft, the plaintiff should easily win.

jim jones

Shocking stuff! It is one thing for Facebook and the like that don't charge anything to be data privacy scoundrels! It is completely different for an operation like this that charges fees and then to violate the privacy of their clientele! If these individuals didn't 'opt-in' to having their personal information shared in this manner then XFactor is in trouble w/ the EU Data Rights regulations. Will be curious to see what the Brussels mandarins do with this, they appear to have given Facebook a pass.

Mike & Pam

I really hope this goes to court. I hope The Guardian don't bottle it. That Danile Yorke character has brought disgrace to the dating industry. Passing off 9,000 members from another site as his has no doubt brought him money under false pretences. He should be struck off and banned from ever running a company again.

Mike Peterson

This kind of stuff gives our industry a bad name. Terrible business practise by xfactor, and puzzling they think they could get away with it.

Harry and Wills

The bad news is xfactor are now back up with another dating site. How is this allowed to happen? Surely they should be banned from this by law?

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