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Marc Arno


Change is not always good,
yet is certainly inevitable.
Many recent changes at
PlentyofFish are appreciated.
or, at least, understandable.

Except one.

One fundamental feature was deleted
which renders PoF far far less useful,
and brings into question these
"predictions" in this article.

PlentyOfFish has REMOVED the ability
to delete | hide | block those Matches
a User would rather never view again
in a Search.

I am a metaphysical flowerchild from
the Left Coast, now living in Georgia,
where far too many Local Matches believe
Jesus drives for NASCAR while munching
deep-fried Twinkies.

An initial geographic incompatability
in the 80th percentile. Over and over.

Much rather see a short list of the
same ol' 'Maybes' I choose for ME
instead of this new limited-to-50
loop of robotic REDUNDANT 'No Ways'.

Regarding this new PoF "predictive" model -
it would HAVE TO produce far more accurate
results if and when each prediction could
compare itself with our string of (forgive
me, ladies) Rejects.

The math makes my head spin.
The mechanics appear simple.

All i want ask BEG of you, Marcus,
is to restore our ability to
"delete/hide/block/remove" NOW!

As far as your CODE?
Easiest (and best) is to embed said button
withing the core Profile Template - so it
will be available on EVERY Profile within
EVERY Category.

(New Users | Will Respond | Matches | ALL)

EVERY other Dating site has this
fundamental common-sense feature
AND has a button to "view rejects"
so we can re-evaluate and restore.

Because the whole point
from a User point of view

At this moment, without any ability
to remove unwanted Matches, PoF has
lost credibility and become a real
"same ol' faces" time-waster.

Yours in appreciative frustration,

marc arno
(PoF: ZenAmbition)

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