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Fernando Ardenghi

Interesting interview, although I do not agree with Mr. Siegel in the Online Dating arena for serious daters.

I remember Mr. Siegel as the person who had tried to launch LTR and said:

"The idea is to build a competitor to eHarmony that is free and advertising based"
"I have developed a revolutionary new matching engine that will provide MUCH better matches than eHarmony's."
"My matching engine is geared toward long-term compatibility and can even be used by offline matchmakers."
"I have a revolutionary online advertising model that is nothing like today's online ads."

Google is the most powerful searching engine in the world.
Facebook wants to be the most powerful recommendation engine in the world, based on personal preferences. The innocent "I Like button" is the core of that engine.
The main disadvantage with recommendation engines based on personal preferences is when users instead of providing their personal preference try to guess the global preference and they introduce bias in the recommendation algorithm.

Online Dating had evolved: from Browsing/Searching Options to Recommendation Engines / Matching based on Self-Reported Data and now Online Dating is evolving to Compatibility Matching Algorithms

I agree that big paid Online Dating sites like eHarmony, PerfectMatch, Chemistry are old, obsolete and in decadence losing traffic since January 2009.

There is a range convergence phenomenon between the 3 mains tools online dating sites offer now: Searching by your own, Recommendation Engines and Compatibility Matching Methods based on proprietary models or the Big5. Any member receives on average 3 to 4 prospective mates as selected / recommended / compatible for dating purposes per 1,000 members screened in the database.
They all 3 are performing the same for serious daters, with a high percentage of false positives, like gun machines firing flowers.

Innovations the Online Dating Industry needs will come from latest discoveries in theories of romantic relationships development with commitment (personality similarity between prospective mates).

WorldWide, there are over 5,000 online dating sites
but no one is using the 16PF5 to assess personality of its members.
Without acquiring the license to offer the 16PF5 for serious dating, it will be impossible to innovate and revolutionize the Online Dating Industry.


Dear Fernando
It was interesting reading your comments re online dating.
I run a traditional dating agency where people feel safe and more secure in the way we operate as we do not use the internet to expose their details. I am starting over again from scratch due to being previously pushed into producing an online dating site using our existing clients whom by choice opted into having their details exposed.
In a very short time it became evident there were flaws which more or less finished my business as it had to many errors which became a security risk to the members.
The old fashioned way works best in my opinion.

Jon Cousins


Might be worth proof-reading your site as although it's called Real Connections, one of the sections refers to it as Real Collections. Still, maybe those who fail in love could always take up philately.


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