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Niche dating sites have been growing in numbers for some time and it's not hard to see why. If a person has one aspect of their lifestyle on which they are unable or unwilling to compromise then it stands to reason that they will seek out those who empathise. Some of those niches might raise a few eyebrows but each to their own etc.

I started Love Horse ( in January 2005 and it quickly became popular within the UK equestrian community. I started Horse and Country Lovers ( soon after. Horse lovers and those who live, work, and play in the countryside are a classic example of a community for whom there is no alternative but to seek out potential partners who understand their way of life.

Sam Moorcroft,

How many of these niches actually make business sense? As in, how many make money (profit)?


It is good to have some good competition from niche sites. Leaves smaller pockets able to gain a pie from the whole market.

Jewish Dating Sites

Do some crazy things and people are hooked to it. People always want something new. I'm sure they may be making profits.

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