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dating Helen

Give them time and then make a judgement.

Glenn G. Millar

Wow! What a great idea for a website! I think I'll decide whether I should stay with my partner based on the opinions of 6,000 people who don't know us, but who have only looked at our picture. After that I'm going to a psychic to get career advice.

I seriously doubt that only but the most insecure will voluntarily put pictures of themselves on this site. I'll bet they get a lot of pictures from people posting other couples pictures. "I don't like who my friend is dating so I'll put their picture up on this site and show him why a world of people he doesn't know thinks that he and his girlfriend should not be together."

If this site ever makes any money, it is truly a sad commentary on our society.


Thank you for your common sense! What is wrong with people anymore?

Glenn G. Millar

It's a Jerry Springer world. About time we took it back.

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