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howard james

Not that I want to be critical of another persons dating enterprise (my was an abject failure for reasons i wont go into here - lets just say cat people aren't great daters) but....isn't getting drunk and chatting up the opposite sex what happens in practically every bar in London most night anyway? I mean I do that all the time without having to, er, pay. As a new concept it's not really on the cutting edge is it?

Or am i missing the point? Or perhaps it was a slow dating news day.

Bears use new web site to seek places in the woods to defecate.

Howard James
Proprietor - ForgetDinner

What a good idea, I have joined as I like stylish, nice bars and really wanted access to all the good ones so that I can arrange evenings out with my friends, I will try the arranged evenings so that I might meet another single but I think to begin with I will go with a friend and not on my own although it sounds like you can become familiar with other members which means more friends hooray, I think the chat room is a good idea, I recommend this web site to anyone who enjoys being single but would also love to meet a similar minded person and who enjoys good bars and fun nights out, to all you other members . . . I will see you in the chat room and hopefully at a venue.

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