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Fernando Ardenghi

"Mobile dating is defined as any cell phone supported service used for the purposes of finding and communicating with a potential date."
"According to Juniper Research,.... By 2013, it is expected to double to USD$1.4 billion."

USD$1.4 billion?
What? Qué?

I am featured in the Latest Mobile Social Web 2.0 Forecasts, Challenges & Regulations 2010-2014 from Juniper Research.

Here is the link

3.2.4 Cultural Influences
ii. Mobile Dating page 49

I say:
I think mobile applications may be good for markets such as Korea and Japan, but I believe a ceiling has already been reached in North America and Europe.
Perhaps by 2012-2013, the mobile concept will be diluted, and will disappear for online dating, with the majority of subscribers using netbooks/iPads/TabletsPc with mobile broadband modems, or WiFi, rather than smartphones.
See for example: mobile subscriptions acounted for just 2 percent of total revenue of online dating player Meetic in 2009, down from 3 percent in 2008.

Match Link Mobile

It certainly makes sense that mobile dating is the next big thing for dating as many services migrate to the smaller screen of a smart phone. For casual dating, the opportunities are certainly there.

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