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"It complies with what Dr Michael Norton, Jeana Frost, Zoe Chance and Dan Ariely would concur with. They've pushed out some very revolutional reports that say that behavioral matchmaking is a better predictor of a good match."

The link of "reports" shows you the paper "People Are Experience Goods: Improve Online Dating With Virtual Dates" (2008).
that study does not take into account a new discovery uncovered by Eastwick and Finkel 2008; also Kurzban and Weeden, 2007; Todd, Penke, Fasolo, and Lenton, 2007 who found that people often report partner preferences that are not compatible with their choices in real life.

Online Dating Sites can be classified as:
1.0: "Browsing/Searching Options, Powerful Searching Engines"
1.5: "Unidirectional Recommendation Engines"
2.0: "Matching based on Self-Reported Data / Bidirectional Recommendation Engines"
3.0: "Compatibility Matching Algorithms"

Drs. Michael Norton, Jeana Frost, Zoe Chance and Dan Ariely had been researching mainly in Online Dating Sites 1.0: "Browsing/Searching Options, Powerful Searching Engines"

Norton, Frost, Chance and Ariely ARE NOT experts in the Online Dating Arena.

Those researches did not study in depth any actual on line dating site offering personality/compatibility matching methods nor any on line dating site offering searching.
They only conducted 3 studies, most probably their conclusions are biased!

"Study 1: Fruitless Searching in Online Dating
Method and Results: Participants (N = 132; 49 male, Mage = 39.4, SD = 11.9) completed the survey by following a link on an online dating website."

"Study 2: People are Experience Goods
Method and Results: Participants (N = 47; 37 male, Mage = 24.2, SD = 7.7) were unmarried individuals who completed this survey online as part of an unrelated series of experiments."

"Study 3: Virtual Dates
Participants (N = 24; 12 male, Mage = 27.1, SD = 5.1) were recruited on an online dating website we created for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology community, thematchup . net. Participants completed the first two sections of the study – reading one profile and going on one Virtual Date – at their home or office by logging on to a preassigned website. One to two days later, all participants met face-to-face during a 4- minute speed-date. After the speed-date, participants answered four questions about their partner: ....

The older paper, "Online Match-Making with Virtual Dates", suggested only that virtual dating is a better way of getting to know someone than emailing and IMing.

You can set fire to those papers, they are useless at all, they just create confusion!!!

Latest Research in Theories of Romantic Relationships Development outlines: compatibility is all about a high level on personality similarity between prospective mates for long term mating with commitment.


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