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I guess online personals watch wants you to cheat too, seeing as you posted the links to ashley madison using your affiliate link?

Mark Brooks

Have a look at most links to larger sites on Online Personals Watch and you'll see they are affiliate links. We don't really give two hoots about affiliate revenue from OPW. We're in the business of being a niche marketing agency for the idating industry, and OPW drives attention and good will that helps us get more work and recognition.

Having said that, the affiliate revenue does help us cover our expenses for the daily service of our review staff. Please forgive us for the affiliate links. I can tell you, it does not sway our coverage of the industry. On the other hand, I believe, all media is biased, and one only needs to look towards who is paying the bills to see where the bias is coming from. So, ultimately, we do our level best to not be biased. But feel free to yell B.S. and I'll do my best to defend our actions and work over the last 6 years with OPW.

Sam Moorcroft,

Mark, I don't think the issue is affiliate links. It is *this* affiliate link.

If your stated purpose includes being ethical and helping to match people, then making money off of a site dedicated to destoying relationships is unethical and hypocritical. And, bad for business. And, the entire industry (that you say you want to make better).

Mark Brooks

I don't think people should cheat. And yet they do.

You don't think people should be gay. And yet they are.

I don't think people should date people more than 15 years older or younger. And yet they do.

You don't think people should have sex out of wedlock. And yet they most always will.

Ultimately, at Online Personals Watch we're observers. We observe the news, and comment on it, on occasion. Having worked at AdultFriendFinder, in 2003, I do my best not to pass judgement, and merely observe and advise on the market, and its dynamics. Sex, is up to society. My core position is, people should not lie about their marital status. In that respect, AM has done the dating industry a service by provide cheaters a more apt home.

Sam Moorcroft,

Justify, justify...If you don't think people should cheat, then why make money off of it? The same goes for any activity you disagree with. It is one thing to report; the main issue here is *benefitting* from it.

Traditional Christianity (of which I am part of) doesn't agree with gay sexual practice (there's a difference between that and being gay, whatever the cause, BTW) or sex outside of wedlock. I don't support sites that cater to those markets. To do otherwise would be hypocritical (not to mention violating major tenets of my faith).

I am curious what you do pass judgement on, if anything? What's a red line for you? If destroying marriages and wrecking kids' lives is okay, just what is taboo?

Irena Brooks

Newjersey, I think it takes more than just one link on OPW to decide to cheat.

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