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Check eCift and eDarling / eHarmony.

eCift and eDarling logos are quite similar, the homepage is quite similar.

eCift seems to be a clon of eDarling / eHarmony

" - Yenilikçi ve güvenilir hayat arkadaşı ve ciddi ilişki bulma sitesi
Yüzbinlerce kaliteli bekâr ciddi ilişki arama konusunda eÇift’e güveniyor. Bilimsel araştırmalardan yola çıkarak tasarlanan İdeal Çift Metodu ile üyelerimize, ideal bir uyumluluk gösterdikleri ve uzun süreli, mutlu bir ilişki yaşama ihtimalleri son derece yüksek üyeler önerilir. Bu şekilde çok yüksek bir başarı şansı sağlayabilmekteyiz. "

means using Google translate (it is a Tarzanic translation, but I see several points in common with eDarling / eHarmony) - Innovative, reliable and serious partner sites to find relationships
Search for hundreds of thousands of serious relationship quality in unmarried eÇift'e trust. Based on scientific research methods are designed with an ideal double our members, their compatibility with an ideal and long lasting, happy relationship and a very high probability members are recommended to live. In this way we can provide a very high chance of success.

"E-posta adresiniz ve belirleyeceğiniz bir şifreyle ücretsiz kayıt olduktan sonra kişilik analiz testini yapmanız yeterlidir. Kişilik analiz testini tamamladığınız an yüksek uyumluluk gösterdiğiniz ve hemen tanışabileceğiniz üye önerileri almaya başlayacaksınız."

e-mail address and password to set free after signing a personality analysis test is enough to do. The moment you've completed the analysis of personality testing, and immediately you can meet your high compliance members will begin receiving proposals.

I will investigate further.

Account Deleted

eCift's logo is quite similar to eDarling's one.
eCift's homepage is quite similar to eDarling's one.
They both begin with e.

Those 3 things made me think eCift was a clon of eDarling, but the true is

eCift is Parship simplified and rebranded for the Turkish market.


Ecift is not the Turkish market leader. There are (and subsidaries),, These are the real market leaders.
Then in serious matchmaking there are,, which are all picking up with modest budgets.

Unlike the others, Ecift is riding a big wave of advertisement investment. It's hard to say whether they will come up on top or not once their ad budget stabilizes.


Ecift is not the Turkish market leader. yes its true. I think. the leader is in Turkey. well, In the world, sure that: eharmony and matchcom. thank you

toplu mail

i like web site. :))

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