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Ross and his team should be congratulated on their efforts to drive out scammers. As he says the industry really needs to grow up and work together here. The growing publicity about online dating scams can only harm the whole industry.

Sam Moorcroft,

Great job, Ross, overall. I'm not sure, though, why you are weeding out scammers manually. That sounds like a tremendous waste of human effort (to put it mildly). It also has to be (very) expensive.

Why not create s/w based on behavioural filters (sophisticated stuff, granted) to weed them out? Of course, you'll always need humans to review some accounts, but why not let your robots do the rest?

Tim Taylor

Good job Ross. Could you explain the Global Personals part of your business a bit more? How does that part generate revenues (20%)? Great work on the scammers too.

Hi Guys

Thanks for the kind comments re. targetting scammers - there's an interview on Mixergy where I go into things in a bit more detail:

Sam - we have other filters in place naturally and have tried many other routes, but when it comes down to it you need to invest in customer care if you want to avoid the kind of false positives that are common with automated robots (just look through Google for PoF complaints to see that!!). We've got hundreds of thousands of new members joining every month so it's quite a challenge.

Tim, as well as we've got a few own-brand sites that we run (typically less than 10% of revenue) which allows us to test and refine marketing techniques and functionality before advising our partners. We'll be sharing some of what we've learnt at our partner conference in October and revealing some rather wonderful new opportunities for our partners too.


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